Customized Training

We understand that every company is unique at various levels. Our trainings are highly customizable to meet your most pressing need – from high level executive office offerings to technical hands-on training in programming and implementation.


Our team is a mix of decision makers, middle management & practicing data scientists covering multiple industries over the last 10 years. This places us at a unique vantage point of bringing you the best practices from across multiple industries.


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Comprehensive Training Program

We offer expert training in R, Python, Hadoop and Spark

Industry Experts

Our trainers have years of real world experience successfully building big data solutions

Proven Learning Results

Every student completes a project that addresses an immediate business need you have

Customized Syllabus

We provide all levels of training from high level executive course offerings, to deep dive heoretical exploration of machine learning and predictive analytics, to hands on technical training

Vendor Agnostic

We are a vendor neutral corporate training organization providing unbiased assessment and services or your training needs


Introduction to Data Science

  • Data Science life Cycle
  • Business Statistics

Mastering R Programming

  • Introduction to R programming
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Visualization
  • Data pre-processing

Supervised Learning

  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Decision trees
  • Naive Bayes
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Random Forest
  • Gradient Boosting Machine
  • Neural Network

Unsupervised Learning

  • Clustering
  • Principal component analysis

Time Series Forecasting


Text Mining

Association Rule Learning


Introduction to Deep Learning


Reinforcement Learning


Dimensionality Reduction


Deploying Models on Azure


Microsoft GUARANTEED Certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning


Resume and Interview Preparation