What are the pre-requisites for this course?

The most important pre-requisite is that the student should have a “Keen interest” to learn. The rest is on us to get you up to speed in data science.

Who should prefer this course?

  • Developers who want to make a move into data science
  • Graduates looking to build their career growth in Analytics and Data Science
  • Managers of a team of Analysts
  • Data related professionals who want to extract meaning from data
  • SMEs in various businesses that generate a lot of data

Who will be my instructor?

We have a growing set of experienced mentors and seasoned professionals with a passion to share their knowledge. Given that this is a 4 month long course, instructors will vary depending on the subject to be delivered

How do we execute projects?

We expect students to bring their own laptops to class so they can follow along with the instructor during handson sessions. However, for projects that involve large amounts of data, we will provide access to Google Cloud.

Do you provide any certificate of accomplishment?

Yes we do – once you finish all the projects discussed & the final capstone project. Please note that, industry values the stuff you know, rather than the certificate you carry. However, we help you with both with more emphasis on increasing your expertise in data science.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes. We host a number of networking events so that our participants can interact with more number of industry professionals. We are also in talks to setup a placement assistance program for our students

Can I attend a demo session?

Absolutely. Please contact us to register for the upcoming demo session